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Andre & Oskar's Creative Early Learning

How did we get this Name ....

Well Andre is the Leader of the Gang ... a 5 year old Shit-Zu/Chihuahua - he looks cute and cuddly; his BARK...you'd think he was the biggest guard dog you'd ever heard, really he would simply lick you to death..... The picture below was his first bath time with his groomer Tanya.... oh what a difference a grooming makes... Pretty Boy!

Oskar ... Andre's Brother - so cute, pics will be coming soon - we're just getting organised.

This is just the start of our Early Learning Journey ....

Exciting and great things for your little ones and educational to boot.... just wait and see what's coming ... We're sure you'll love it just as much as we do ... more soon ...

When a little one enter the world there is nothing that one would not do to educate them for a brighter future.

Education and learning are the most important part of a healthy child. Inspiration, Aspiration, Education, Creativity and memories.

We want to help you educate your child / grandchild to a brighter learning before heading off to school.

Nanna Sue wanted something special for her grandson Jack and so this journey begins ....

andre - before & after bath