THIS SITE IS UNDER RECONSTRUCTION -  ANDRE & OSKAR'S Restaurant / Cafe / Bar was closed down by council due to Illegal / Non Compliant Plumbing and Building works on 28/2/2020 - which were never completed or fixed - on 21 April 2020 with 1 hr & 55 minutes notice to vacate or have all our equipment seized we left.

Illegally evicted due to covid pandemic closure on 29/3/2020 but no one cares.  

Anyway - if it reopens - be sure to check that it has a Certificate of Compliance - mounted at the DOOR -  it's illegal to operate without this!

We asked for it repeatedly - but was never given to us .... so beware if you go eat there -  huge rats, snakes and all sorts of wildlife are present inside, and it leaks when it rains

We are so blessed to have survived (so far this pandemic) however, health wise - not so good.  On exiting the building I was infected with a stapph infection (nearly lost my leg!)  So good luck if you choose to go there in the future.  

We won't be back  -  but we are so appreciative of the support that all our customers, clients and friends offered during our short time at this place.






We will be back but totally different -  Andre & Oskars !!!!  coming soon.....